Benefits & Administration

We conduct capability reviews focused on all areas of benefits administration, including for systems which offer health insurance, as well as key support functions. These reviews compare current practices with leading practices and identify priority opportunities for improvement.

The scope of a benefits and administration review can include, for example:
  • Member services, including contact center, self-service opportunities, enrollment, statements, dispute resolution, education and communication
  • Member data management and data security
  • Handling of adjustments adn exceptions, appeals, service credit, and court settlements
  • Regular payment processing and pension reporting
  • Pension plan design and devlopment
  • Health care provider contracting
  • Third party provider compliance monitoring
  • Health care cost monitoring and cost controls
  • Employer contract center, data management and secruity, education and communication, and employer statements and reporting
  • Actuarial reporting practices and valuations
  • Financial accounting operations and reporting 
  • Planning, budgeting and performance reporting
  • Human resources, including recruitment, hiring organizational development, employee training and development, succession planning and HR administration
  • Legal support
  • Information systems planning, governance and support
  • Facilities management and support
  • Procurement
  • Business resumption
  • Policies and procedures documentation and review
  • IT Security