World Business Council for Sustainable Development releases new report, “Sustainability and enterprise risk management,” launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Posted at 9:00 am on 01/18/2017
The WBCSD report marks the first step in bridging the gap between the way companies consider sustainability issues in their risk management processes, and the way they disclose these risks to investors. The WBCSD is committed to helping companies move toward using, understanding and disclosing their sustainability risks and opportunities. This report creates a starting point for future efforts. The report demonstrates that there is more work to do in translating sustainability risks into the language of businesses, and the importance for companies to use mainstream risk disclosure models (such as COSO or ISO enterprise risk management frameworks) to bridge the gap.

Rick Funston was one of a number of risk management experts across academic and consulting institutions who were asked to contribute to this report. Rick's contribution, "A Risk Intelligent View of the Competitive Ecosystem," can be found on page 32 of the report. To download the report, click here and click on the VIEW (REPORT) button.

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