Board Insights - A Governance Policy Resource

Board Insights Tab

A. System Specific Policy Knowledgebase

Board Insights is a knowledgebase of system-specific legislation, charters, policies for quick comparison to peer governance policies and practices. Our Board Insights knowledgebase enables you to quickly compare qualitative governance information across systems to identify leading, prevailing and lagging practices. The Board Insights knowledgebase contains over 250 different dimensions to aid quick comparison. The various dimensions are organized into six major categories:

  1. Governing Legislation
  2. Bylaws and Charters
  3. Duties / Role Descriptions
  4. Board Governance Policies
  5. Delegations and Oversight
  6. Functional Policies

B. Custom Board Portals

We also offer a service to help Boards and executives make higher and better use of their existing board portals. Currently, most systems use their board portals for secure meeting agendas and minutes and are typically under-utilized. The result is many Boards are mired in data and too far down in the weeds. Typically, board portals are used for secure agendas and minutes and are under-utilized. The result is many boards are mired in data and aren’t getting the insights they need to make key decisions.


Board Insights will help improve:

  • Insights for decisions required
  • Insights for oversight of delegated authority
  • Insights for improved signal detection, pattern recognition and adaptive responses

Board Insights is a service to help develop more usable and accessible means for Boards to make informed strategic and policy decisions and to exercise their oversight responsibilities.

The Board Insights service actively engages executives and the boards to:

  • Customize / enhance your existing Board portal (whether the portal is COTS or custom)
  • Aggregate data analytics to improve signal detection and pattern recognition
  • Establish Wiki-type links to supporting data and information
  • Link to powers reserved for the board and its committees
  • Framework for policy briefs
  • Enable aggregation and drill down
  • Link to performance metrics and reassurance activities e.g., internal audit and other independent parties
  • Improve on-boarding and continuing education

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