Fiduciary Governance

We have successfully assisted some of the nation's largest and most complex retirement systems in improving their governance and the effectiveness of the Board and staff. FAS has developed a comprehensive and customizable methodology with supporting knowledge bases of leading policies and practices. We deliver pragmatic reports designed to produce results.

We typically address many of the following aspects of governance and identify improvement opportunities during our reviews:
  • Overall governance framework
  • Alignment of authorities and responsibilities
  • Role and functioning of the Board
  • Role and functioning of the Board officers
  • Effectiveness of Board Committees
  • Powers reserved for the board and delegations of authority
  • Board self-evaluation and continuing education
  • Independent reassurance
  • Board policies
  • Conflict of interest / ethics
  • Organization and compensation
  • Legal Compliance
  • Succession planning
We have experienced a very high rate of implementation of our recommendations by state legislatures, Boards, and system staff.