Investment Operations

Our investment capability reviews are customized deep dives into targeted areas of investment policies, procedures and operations. These reviews compare current practices with leading practices and identify priority opportunities for improvement.

The scope an investment operations review can be tailored to include, for example:
  • Development and use of investment beliefs, investment strategies and policies, and asset allocation
  • Investment sourcing due diligence, manager selection, negotiations and contracting, monitoring, watch list and termination
  • Portfolio oversight, including  rebalancing, compliance, portfolio risk, investment performance reporting, fee management and reporting
  • Use of external advisors (consultants, legal) and other key third-party service providers (e.g., custodian, securities lending agent, foreign exchange agent, transition managers, brokers)
  • Investment management tools (e.g., analytics, risk management)
  • Staffing, including levels and adequacy, competencies, education and training, recruitment, selection, evaluation, discipline and termination
  • Independent Reassurance (Harmonization and Coordination) e.g., Internal Audit, External Audit, Enterprise Risk Management and third parties
  • Defined contribution program policies and practices
  • Back-and middle-office capabilities, including Investment accounting, performance reporting and fund valuation
  • Compliance
  • Other support function policies, processes and capabilities, e.g., procurement, Information technology and business continuity and support