Stakeholder Relations & Communications

Public retirement agencies are increasingly the subject of intense public scrutiny. Many systems are finding themselves challenged to inform, educate, interact with, and maintain confidence among multiple internal and external constituencies such as active plan participants, retirees, policymakers, the news media and taxpayers. Each system must work in a dynamic and complex investment and benefit structure, respond to taxpayers who are worried about their own retirement, and manage inquiries from audiences who may have “an ax to grind” about the systems or retirement policy.

Given this complicated backdrop, it’s more important than ever that each system understands the perceptions of its various constituencies, and that they communicate effectively with their audiences in an accurate, appropriate, and strategic manner. In doing so, they can help ensure their key audiences understand their role and the key benefit issues so there is trust and confidence in the system.

Our expert team fully understands public retirement systems and has proven experience crafting and implementing successful communications programs for public plans under various pressures. We also offer strong project management skills and a proven approach for crafting custom-tailored communications plans. We can help your system make real progress in communicating complex and contentious issues with your key audiences.

Our team can provide you with full-service advice on all facets of your public pension system’s communications planning and strategy. We will work collaboratively with you throughout the process to help your system enhance its communications outreach and reputation.

We will work with you to:
  • Assess / audit communications plans
  • Identify communications gaps and priorities for improvement
  • Assess leadership communication skills and training needs
  • Provide communications training and education for executives and Board of Trustees
  • Develop defining characteristics and desired outcomes for stakeholder relations
  • Conduct media reviews and analyze issues
  • Conduct stakeholder / audience research
  • Develop strategic communications plan and metrics
  • Develop and deliver education and training plans
  • Develop strategic communications plans