Strategy & Risk Intelligence

In 2001, Rick Funston created the concept of risk intelligence. Risk intelligence is fundamentally about understanding the risks of both action and inaction. A diet of pure risk aversion is a recipe for disaster just as surely as swinging for the fences at every opportunity. Understanding the risks that need to be taken and managed for value creation are just as important as understanding and managing the risks that may cause value destruction. Enterprise risk management needs to be both enterprise-wide and enterprise-deep so that it becomes risk intelligent enterprise management.

We offer a number of risk intelligent stategic solutions:
  •  Strategic business model analysis
  • Signal detection and pattern recognition
  • Advanced analytics
  • Strategic options/decision support
  • Developing “Decision Discipline”
  • Strategic benchmarking and leading practices
  • Capability maturity assessment
  • Director and executive education

We also offers a comprehensive set of strategic and tactical solutions to help you evaluate your current risk intelligence capabilities, compare them with leading practices and identify practical opportunities for improvement with plans for priority improvements. These include:
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) / Risk Intelligent Management
  • Risk intelligence capability assessment and development
  • Risk oversight
  • Strategic, operations, reporting, compliance
  • Risk management infrastructure
  • Risk identification, assessment, management, monitoring
  • Risk benchmarking and leading practices
  • Board and executive education

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