Why choose FAS?

1. Our Team and Our Practical Experience 

Funston Advisory Services LLC (FAS) was formed in 2010. The principals have been providing governance, strategy, operations and risk advisory services since at least 1980. Since 2011, our team of public retirement system experts has worked together on a series of high-profile public pension fund governance assignments. Each team member is a highly-experienced professional, with decades of advisory, legal and/or pension industry experience. 

Every team is configured to meet your specific needs. See Our Team for more information. 

2. Our Leading Practices InGov℠ Knowledgebase 

Our extensive InGov℠ knowledgebase garnered from over 50 public retirement systems contains data on governance, operational, risk and compliance structures, policies, practices and many more. 

We can readily assess how your system compares to its peers regarding leading, prevailing and lagging practices. We strongly believe that what will work best for your system needs to be part of a dialogue with the Board and the Executive over the course of a project that results in a deep understanding of the specific circumstances, needs and constraints under which your system must operate. 

3. "One Size Fits One" 

We understand the general needs of trustees, the challenges they face, and the context in which they operate. Our collaborative approach enables us to quickly gain a deep understanding of the specific needs of your system. The ability to customize our approach and to develop consensus is a hallmark of our firm and we encourage you to speak to our clients about the effectiveness of our approach in pragmatically customizing our recommendations to their specific needs.